DAACI continues in its mission to develop the world’s best compositional AI tools and technology during the 2023 ASCAP Music Lab/NYC Media Lab Music and AI Challenge. 

During each week of the twelve-week challenge, the DAACI team meets virtually with members of the ASCAP community. We have been reporting on these meetings with updates on DAACI’s progress and discoveries as we continue to develop artist-centred music and AI tools throughout the challenge.

Sep 12, 2023

DAACI : Week 11 Of The ASCAP Challenge


This week the cohort was joined by Ilana Goblin from PwC, a consultancy firm who advise and educate on the ethical uptake and implementation of new software and technology. Ilana introduced the cohort to the specific topic of ethics within AI, and included topics such as learning from AI’s history to avoid mistakes in the present, the key aspects to consider when building a product with AI capabilities, and the risks associated with such projects. Having gained a deeper understanding of how to analyse the elements of an AI system from an ethical perspective, the DAACI team are now in a position to implement these practices when creating and developing both current and future DAACI tools. 

The ASCAP weekly round up saw many positive developments from all the teams involved in the challenge. DAACI reported on exciting developments with our suite of software tools, and showcased the forthcoming events that various members of the company will be taking part in. From the Generative AI Conference for the Creative Industries taking place in London on September 12th/13th, to the Ivors Creators Summit at the end of the month, DAACI is looking forward to presenting at these and other  industry events and sharing insight into our AI technology. Finally, to finish the ASCAP Week 11 session, the cohort were briefed on the forthcoming industry mentorship session that will introduce each team to composers, songwriters and music publishers from the ASCAP community.  

As the challenge draws to a close, with only one more week to go, the DAACI team are excited to present what has been achieved over the course of the 12 weeks and showcase how the support from ASCAP has been indispensable in helping shape what the DAACI team have been creating.