DAACI continues in its mission to develop the world’s best compositional AI tools and technology during the 2023 ASCAP Music Lab/NYC Media Lab Music and AI Challenge. 

During each week of the twelve-week challenge, the DAACI team virtually meets with members of the ASCAP community. We’ll report on updates from these meetings as well as DAACI’s progress and discoveries as we develop artist-centred music and AI tools and technology throughout the challenge.

June, 2023

DAACI Leads the Way in Compositional AI in the 2023 ASCAP Lab / NYC Media Lab Music and AI Challenge


​​At the forefront of ethical music and AI tool development, DAACI is one of just five teams announced by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for the 2023 ASCAP Lab Music and AI Challenge. The twelve-week challenge is designed to identify creative, cutting-edge concepts at the intersection of music and artificial intelligence. Throughout and after the challenge, DAACI will share stories, progress and innovations with ASCAP members, some of whom will be involved in the mentoring and beta-testing processes of the program.

Says Nick White, DAACI Senior Frontend and ASCAP challenge engineer, “Just like ASCAP, we’re on the side of human creativity. There are powerful tools currently on the market, but they require lots of expertise with months of training to get the most out of them. The difference with DAACI is we’re working toward giving every composer and artist the ability to get to work right away. In order to do that, we need to get them using our tools and giving loads of honest and courageous feedback so we can continue to build better and better. This challenge allows us to come alongside artists and industry experts who will ultimately benefit massively from what we aim to achieve in the next twelve weeks.”

DAACI’s CEO Rachel Lyske said, “Joining forces with ASCAP Lab and NYC Media Lab in the Music and AI Challenge is an incredible opportunity to share our empowering tools with a vast audience of creators. DAACI’s technology is designed by composers, for composers and we now have the ability to gather feedback from a broad user-base of industry professionals, ensuring ASCAP’s members are part of the discussion about what creators need and want. 

“This is what DAACI was built for. We’re excited to share our work, shaping the future of music and AI, prioritising the people behind the music, and developing technology in response to real human artists’ and composers’ needs.”